Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia - Vol.95 num.3

SYSTEMIC SPOROTRICHOSIS IN AN ALCOHOLIC PATIENT Norami de Moura Barros et al. Official publication of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology Dermatologia Anais Brasileiros de Volume 95 Number 3 2020 ANAIS BRASILEIROS DE DERMATOLOGIA MAY/JUNE 2020 V. 95 N. 3| 271–406 Post-finasteride syndrome Update on vasculitis: an overview and dermatological clues for clinical and histopathological diagnosis - part I Identifying gram-positive cocci on dermatoscopes and smartphone adapters using MALDI-TOF MS: a cross- sectional study Different distribution patterns of plasmacytoid dendri- tic cells in discoid lupus erythematosus and lichen pla- nopilaris demonstrated by CD123 immunostaining Intravascular histiocytosis: case report of a rare disease probably associated with silicone breast implant Osteonevus of Nanta: a case report in a combined melanocytic nevus Case for diagnosis. Keloidal cord-like lesion on the leg A case of facial atrophic sarcoidosis in an adolescent, successfully treated with the combination of prednisone and hydroxychloroquine